Ways to make money online 

When I read about making money on most sites it always seems to be a little cheesy or some type of link hacking system that is to good to be true. There are, however, some great individuals who do it right. In thevvideo below I’ll mention who some of them are and give you my top 10 ways to make money online in an authentic, inspiring, educating and entertaining way. A way that leaves you full not by the amount of money in your bank account (because it can be a lot if you do it right) but by the emails you receive by customers on how you changed their life, or when you meet an online client in person with tears rolling down their face expressing how their dreams have been achieved because of YOU! It’s a powerful feeling, and I want youvto experience that. But it takes knowing how to do it the right way that both serves your visionand supports others. Here are my top 10 ways to make money online with integrity:

1. Teaching and Training

This is my number one way, and Ivbeen doing this for the last 5 years.cThis is something that almost everycmajor University has been doing (taking their classes online) due to the huge success they saw from University of Phoenix which set the tone for online education. It’s easier now more than ever for companies and entrepreneurs to launch online schools.


Creating and Selling Products

If you have an expertise in ANYTHINGcthen you can package it into a book, course, software, audio program, DVD, and so on. The best way to get the word out and sell these products is with webinars

Offering a service 
There are many different ways to provide a service and it’s just about realizing where your talent lies and what solution you can provide for.  Providing a service may be the easiest way to start is you don’t need any investment to get this going.

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is another way to make money online which is simply, marketing other companies product and receiving commission at the end. So many people engage in this,  and so many companies offers affiliate marketing platform. Listed below are some of the companies that offers affiliate marketing platform ; Jumia,  Kong,  Cisco,  etc

Building sites and Selling ads 

Building websites and selling ads is yet another online means, as long as your website is popular and can attract millions of visitors,  you can engage in paid advertisement platform directly indirectly that I from Google adsense and also your own sponsored ads.


Creating and promoting events, either online or offline can be very profitable as well. Michael Steiner does both online summits and in person events with thousands of attendees, all while starting out from a simple blog a few years ago.

Getting Creative

Jason Sadler (now known as Jason SurfrApp) is one creative entrepreneur. He used his online platform to make money wearing companies shirts with Iwearyourshirt.com . Now he sells his last name for nearly $50,000 a year, sells sponsors pages in his new book , and continues to push the envelope with what you can earn by being creative.

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