5 Features of a Successful Business Proposal

Writing a business proposal to win a bid or pitch your business to a potential client requires you including it some vital features. These features will tell much about your business expertise in handling projects and solving problems.

Your business proposal can stand out with much preference if it has the following:

  1. Credibility

This is often the overlooked portion of a business proposal but all winning proposals glow with credibility. If you have worked with clients in the same field or have an award-winning business, then case studies or third-party endorsements will build credibility.


  1. Samples

A business proposal with samples and evidence of your ability to deliver is vital to gaining the winning bid. A small sample of your work can show your ability to do the job.


  1. Solutions: After you have written a lead paragraph on the company’s needs and problems, follow up with a solid presentation of how your business can provide solutions. The key here is to promise solutions you can deliver.


  1. Benefits: All winning business proposals clearly outline the benefits of doing business with you. If your small business can offer complete confidentiality and meet tight deadlines for instance, state it clearly in your benefits section.



  1. Targeted Language

A winning business proposal is all about communication. Speak in a language spoken by your intended audience. If the proposal evaluators are from an engineering background or financial department, use language they would understand.

In the end, you may not win all bids. But with a great business proposal that meets and exceeds your potential client’s expectations, you should win business that best matches your company’s offerings to the prospective business, which is win-win for all parties involved.

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